Manchester Day Parade

10 Jun

This afternoon Ian and I went to Manchester to see this year’s Manchester Day Parade.  If I am being perfectly honest,  the whole reason I went is because it had this on the poster – which made it look like the fun-est, geek-iest, steampunk-iest parade ever!  We drove into Manchester (well, Salford Quays) and then took the tram in, which avoided us having to try and park in downtown Manchester while half the roads were blocked off (and happily it was also just as quick as getting the train in on a Sunday).

It was a super neat afternoon!  I really like parades and frankly, I don’t think there are enough here in the UK.  I am really glad that the Manchester City Parade has become an annual event (it only started in 2010).  I shall definitely be going again!

While I was there I took about a million photographs, so I thought that I would enter their photo competition for amateur photographers (because yeeeah, I most definitely fit the bill).  I can submit two entriess and the winning photographs are meant to capture the size, vibrancy, colour and movement of the parade against the backdrop of Manchester City centre and the large crowds expected.  I’ll be honest with you now, my chances of winning are pretty slim; there were a lot of people there taking a lot of photos (most of which I expect will appear as entries in this competition).  But hey, it’s a bit of fun!  : )

I am uploading ten photographs below and I would really appreciate your opinion on which ones you think I should submit to the competition.

Please vote using the poll below the photos – it’s simple, just choose the ones you like the best!  You can vote for up to three and once the voting is complete I will select my entries from the photos that received the most votes.  The deadline for your voting is 17:00 Sunday June 17th (so that I have time to submit them to the actual competition).  If you want to let me know anything extra about your choices you can use the comment section at the bottom of this post.

And now… to the pictures!

He was definitely one of my favourites!

#1. Golden Bug Man

I took about a billion pictures of this from various angles.

#2. Butterfly Shadows

I waited for ages for this Devil to turn around to face me when I finally realised it was perfect that s/he wasn't!

#3. Captivated Audience

She was lovely, just lovely.

#4. Quite the Bride

It was absolutely fascinating to watch the enormous marionettes interact with the crowds.

#5. Hello Dear

This group was the definition of adoreable!

#6. Up, Up, and Away

I finally managed to tell the difference between the signs that said 'arts' and 'rats', by the time this group came around. :)

#7. Rat Race

This was just too perfect - and all the pilots pretending to be planes was brill too!

#8. Pilot Envy

Impressive. Mad. Skills.

#9. Flying the Flag

So many colours! And the bees? Squee!

#10. Cute as a Bug’s Ear

In addition to the above, I also took a lot of other photos today that I really like, but they don’t necessarily reflect the traits sought after for the competition entries, so… after all of this done and dusted I will do another blog post with some of my favourite pictures.  Yippee!

Well, that brings today’s post to an end.  Thank you for taking the time to check it out and thank you for voting!

Over and out.


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